F2 Bar Series

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F2 Bar Configuration

F2 Bar Series
for Serious MMR Training

Our CUSTOM F2 Bar series are the ONLY bars specifically designed to be used with resistance bands, free-weights or chains. Use them one at a time or all together to achieve maximum Variable Resistance Training to target a wider range of your muscle fibers, resulting in more effective training programs.

that choosing your training resistance isn’t a question of which resistance works BEST. So just, like using MMA in the ring, the actual question you need to understand is which form of resistance works best based on YOUR current objective(s)

Knowing WHICH resistance to choose and WHEN to use it comes from EXPERIENCE, based on A&P SCIENCE not marketing BRO-SCIENCE. Believing that only one form of resistance is better than another is a naïve over simplification of what causes actual muscle growth and adaptation to occur.

F2 Bar Eyelet & Neoprene

As a result, sometimes that means you need to train with resistance bands, sometimes you need free-weight,

sometimes chains, sometimes bodyweight, sometimes isometrics…and sometimes you need a big brain solution that combines them ALLN-1.

The innovative design also makes it easy to transport and store because it can be unscrewed and disassembled into three sections.

F2 Bar + Olympic Adapters

Select the F2 Bar that’s Right for YOU!
The new F2 Bar with ChainBeast, VRS Clips and F2 Adapter options allow fitness professionals looking for more challenging workout routines to train using mixtures of free weight, resistance bands, bodyweight and isometrics.

F2 Bar Travel Trivet

What’s Included with your Starter F2 Reformer Bar Purchase

Since ALLN-1 equipment is meant to be modular and interchangeable, and upgrades can be purchased separately, all bars are sold as standard bars, and do not include ChainBeasts, resistance connectors, adapters or resistance bands unless explicitly stated. (The ChainBeast is only needed if you want add rotation)

F2 Reformer Bar Starter Includes:

  • (3) 17″ F2 Bars
  • (2) F2 Threaded Connectors
  • (2) Chrome Bar End Caps
  • (2) F2 Eyebolt Connectors
  • (2) F2 Basic Resistance Connection Adapters
MSRP: $169.99

F2 Reformer Bar PRO Includes:

  • (3) 17″ F2 Bars
  • (4) F2 Threaded Connectors
  • (4) Chrome Bar End Caps
  • (4) F2 Threaded Connectors
  • (4) F2 Eyebolt Connectors (For Dumbbell Configurations)
  • (4) Bar End Caps (For Dumbbell Configurations)
  • (4) F2 Universal Resistance Connection Adapters (For Dumbbell Configurations)
MSRP: $199.99

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 11.87 × 3.25 in