F2 Loader Pin

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F2 Loader Pin 

F2 Loader Pin Set

 The NEW F2 Loader Pin is the latest addition to our ALLN-1 product line up and F2 Training System.

But it’s not just another loader pin!

The patent pending modular design allows you to…

☑️ Change the POSITION of the grips from WIDE to TIGHT
☑️ Get all the features of the F2 Olympic Adapter

You can connect using a standard bar grip or tight grip with our rtHooks. And unlike other power pins you can even change the POSITION of the grips from WIDE to TIGHT grip for better isolation, allowing you to target your inner back better.

The F2 Loader Pin specifically designed to work with our F2 Adapters, which means you get all the great features from the F2 Adapter PLUS the functionality of the F2 Loader Pin.

There is nothing else out there available!

  • ONE F2 Loader Pin
  • ONE F2 Adapter
  • TWO Standard Grips
MSRP: $129.99

* rtGrips option and all other Fitness Equipment Attachments Sold Separately.

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