F2 Adjustable Resistance Straps

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F2 Adjustable Resistance Straps  

Our new F2 Adjustable Resistance Straps are designed to work with our VRS Clip so you can easily customize your resistance based on your training needs.

The ONLY Customizable
Flat Resistance  Bands

When used with VRS Clips, our F2 Straps are designed so that you can easily customize band training routines by adjusting the size of your bands, along with incremental increases or decreases to progressive resistance.

What makes VRS Clips even better is that they are the most affordable solution than any other resistance or suspension band available. Use the innovation of VRS to turn ordinary suspension bands into a more versatile training system to get a more comprehensive workout than just using bands alone.


FOUR F2 Adjustable Resistance Straps

    • ONE (Light)  80″ in. long/Red 10-35 lbs. (1/2 ” *4.5mm)
    • ONE (Light-Medium) 80″ in. long/Black 30-60 lbs. (3/4 ” *4.5mm)
    • ONE (Medium) 80″ in. long/Purple 40-80 lbs. (1.25 ” *4.5mm)
    • ONE (Medium-Heavy) 80″ in. long /Green 50-125 lbs. (1.75 ” *4.5mm)

NOTE: These bands can be cut in half to make 2 bands, or if you want longer bands we recommend purchasing a second set of F2 Adjustable Resistance Straps.

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