3 Basic Steps to Start a Fitness eCommerce Business

How-to Quickly Grow Your eCom Business While Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

How We Help You Get Started

Unlike most drop shipping services we specialize exclusively in the development and manufacturing of fitness equipment. That combined range of experience has been used to create our new fitness drop shipping service. We’ve specifically designed FitnessDropShipping.com to help other entrepreneurs reach their goals faster, while avoiding the most common mistakes.

Right off the top, one of the biggest mistakes to avoid is over-processing and overproduction.  Instead, start by TESTING your product in the market upfront, with small batches, using the least amount of cash and resources. This can be done either through direct or indirect routes like testing with paid advertising or affiliate programs. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t want to go all-in on an unproven product. In today’s over saturated eCom marketplace that would be the equivalent of going Vegas and placing all of your money on a single roulette number, hoping to get lucky.

Problem. Solved.

By understanding the most common problems, mistakes and challenges eCom entrepreneurs encounter we wanted to develop a easier and safer solution that takes the risk out of building a eCom business.

That’s why we encourage and help newcomers to the eCom world to start with our simple Influencer or Retailer options, to test our products within their intended market. Once they find the right niche, and seeing at least a 2x to 3x return on their involvement, then you scale up to our Wholesaler program to increase your ROI velocity with lower product costs. That’s how we help you succeed at growing your eCom business, while creating a Win-Win for both of us.